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Zakat is a concept firmly rooted within the foundations of Islam, and an approach that has the potential to rid the world from poverty and suffering. Literally, Zakat means the purification of wealth and this is achieved when 2.5% of a person's money is paid to the needy.If everyone fulfilled this obligatory duty, then we would be able to bridge the economic and social barriers between the rich and the poor.


The beneficiaries for our Zakat projects are chosen through an in-depth selection process. On-site teams in Pakistan visit some of the most distraught communities and from there surveys are conducted. The beneficiaries which meet most of our criteria (in regards to their current living standards, employment and the number of family members) are then visited personally by our team.

Once the donations are received, they are implemented towards whatever project they were intended for.


Your zakat has the power to change someone’s life. By giving to our zakat-applicable projects, you can give food and shelter, create business opportunities and install hand-pumps in poverty-stricken areas of Pakistan.

In the past year, your zakat donations have contributed towards some of our most crucial projects, entire communities have been aided in the face of hunger and starvation, we’ve come one step closer to ending poverty for good.

Your Zakat matters. Change the world today, one step at a time. The future is counting on you.

Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.Propet Muhammad (SAW)

Calculate your Zakat here

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