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Empowering Women

Allhamdulillah we have empowered a total of 2,400 beneficiaries since the inception of this project and have contributed to breaking the gender-gap in marginalised communities of Pakistan.

Gender equality is not only a justified human right, but a vital cog in the creation of a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. It empowers women to pursue the vision they see for their future, and this brings greater success and stability to both the home and the community. Sadly, we need to do better to encourage this idea.

Women Empowerment has always been one of our most prominent projects as it addresses one of the biggest target demographics in Karachi, Pakistan. We understand that providing women the tools they need to become a financial support to their families will ease the economic burden on impoverished households.

Through our Women Empowerment Project, we give sewing machines to women in need, to assist them in becoming skilled individuals capable of contributing to their families’ finances and with your donations as the driver, we aim to give women the resources they need to not only obtain consistent, reliable revenue streams, but also invaluable skills that they can transfer to various spheres of their life.

Our Women Empowerment Project has been executed and established in the following areas of Pakistan:Jamhoria, Surjani Town, Mangopir among many more.


We believe that empowering women and making it easier for them to earn a living should not be stigmatized as it unfortunately is in many developing countries, including Pakistan. In addition, Pakistan currently ranks 2nd lowest in the world for gender equality. Women suffer from gender-based violence, domestic abuse, honour killings, sexual violence, and institutional discrimination at alarming levels. Their inferior position unfairly presents them with a barrier to success, and as a result, a barrier to a meaningful life.

Islam gives women the right to work and support their families and we are doing our bit to encourage women who want to work by providing them with the tools they need to work from the safety and comfort of their own homes. The clothing industry is one of the fasting growing ones in the world, worth 1.5 trillion dollars as of 2020; giving women from Pakistan a chance to tap into this market can possibly transform their and their families’ lives for the better.


Your donation can impact a woman and her family in the following ways: women can aid their husbands/fathers/brothers in supporting their households; with the extra income, families no longer need to worry about their monthly expenses including food, water and rent; children can now engage themselves in academic pursuit; women can spend more time in caring for their homes; we train the women, particularly widowed mothers, who, as the only earners in their families, needed to improve their income and they were taught handicrafts, as well as the manufacture, organisation and promotion of a business.


“My husband is unemployed right now; we have a two-year-old daughter and we’ve been struggling to make ends meet. I heard that Ummah Charity International is helping women like me by giving away sewing machines. I am very thankful to UCI and Mufti Abdul Wahab for thinking about us and helping us, I will use this donation to earn a living for my family and teach other women in my area how to sew.”


Step 1 – Applications are received

Step 2 – Only the most vulnerable women are selected as beneficiaries for the project based upon criteria

Step 3 – The beneficiaries then partake in the three-month sewing course, starting from basic designs to complex clothing

Step 4 – A ceremony is held at the culmination of the project, where free sewing machines and certificates of achievement are distributed

Step 5 – Our team conduct follow-up checks with the beneficiaries

Note: A personalised report will only be sent if you sponsor an entire camp of 20 women. For more updates on our Women Empowering project, visit our social media pages.