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Save lives this Winter

Since we started our winter project in 2016, we have been able to help over 1500 families by providing them warm clothing, blankets and shelter facilities like tents.

Climate change entails harsher weather across the world; Pakistan, however, is one of the worst affected. Discussions of climate justice explain how the outcomes of changing weather are experienced differently by different social and economic groups. It is unfortunate that many communities across Pakistan are at the bottom rung of the global social and economic ladder. At, Ummah Charity International, we recognize this injustice and have therefore established a winter relief initiative, through which we provide winter aid to people in geographically and economically disadvantaged areas.

What Our Aid Packs Include

We have attempted to create our winter relief packages in a way that they cater to all the basic needs of impoverished families facing harsh winters. The large aid pack includes food, water, blankets and tents (for homeless families). The smaller pack includes everything except the temporary shelter/tent. As a more urgent form of aid, we also distribute just blankets to people who need them. The initiative is designed to provide aid in a desperate situation, but it is also mindful of long term implications of the worsening situations, therefore we are planning to expand the project to include more items like heating equipments, but for that we need your help, donate today to save a life.


Providing Holistic Support to People this Winter

This year, we have interweaved our winter project with our cooked meal initiatives to provide people with all the things necessary for at least basic survival. In areas where low-income families are concentrated, UCI aims to provide multiple forms of aid together so that people have a fair shot at going through this weather with the support they need. You can contribute towards these causes by donating below!

Winter Aid as Sadaqah e Jariyah

As this form of aid has lasting implication for those receive it (particularly with the inclusion of items like blanket, which last a long time) it can be considered Sadaqah e Jariyah. Which means that of you donate to this initiative, you will continually receive Sawab (divine reward) for as long as it benefits anyone in any way, i.e., protect a person from the cold. Sadaqah e Jariyah was one considered as the best form of charity by the last Prophet, to read more about Sadaqah e Jariyah and our other projects linked to it, click here.

Your Donation Helps Children Like Hamza!

This is Hamza Ahmed. Him and his five siblings live with their parents in a small one-bedroom house. Life is generally not easy them but come winters things get more difficult as they simply cannot afford the supplies they need to keep themselves warm and safe.

It was to help children like Hamza that UCI started its winter project, it is important to us that no one is left behind to struggle in the harsh months of winter. Upon getting a new warm blanket from UCI, Hamza, like many others, smiled and said thank you.

Step by Step Donation Guide
  • You make a donation towards our winter appeal initiative
  • When enough donation are collected, we create budgets for food and water supplies, warm clothes, blankets, shelter facilities, travel, etc.
  • We sign up trusted volunteers who buy and package the aid packs
  • Our identifies area worst affected in terms of weather and income status
  • Our team arrives with aid to affected areas and distributes packages to identified families