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Around 150 wheelchairs were distributed amongst those who were housebound and dependant on others to move even short distances.

In order to combat the issue of disability, we launched the Wheelchair campaign, underneath our broad Healthcare projects. In total, we’ve given 150 wheelchairs to the elderly, the sick and those with disabilities such as paralysis or birth defects. By donating wheelchairs to those who are suffering from the most severe physical conditions, including those having been involved in traumatising accidents, we enable individuals to continue with their day-to-day activities. The Chairman of UCI, Mufti Abdul Wahab, gives the wheelchairs to each beneficiary himself, alongside our volunteers and trustees.

We’ve worked in the following areas to donate wheelchairs:

Surjani, Mangopir, Burma Colony, Ibrahim Hyederi and many others.


Millions of people are currently facing severe disability discrimination across the globe, especially in developing countries where there is a lack of education. Many physically disabled people don’t have the resources to buy the wheelchair that is appropriate for their needs.

You can aid one of the 30 million people currently struggling to adapt to an uncompromising society in Pakistan and without your support, more people will continue to be deprived of the help they deserve.


Your donation towards a wheelchair will have the following impact on a beneficiary: they are able to integrate into society by attending school, going to work, becoming a productive citizen of the community and improve the quality of their lives; those who are bedridden are also given the gift of mobility; their self-confidence is improved; they have a much more positive mind-set; not only the recipient in need feels the hardship of immobility, but also the family, friends, and community are impacted; and they are given a sense of freedom.


“For years now, I have not had the means to afford anything more than the most basic healthcare treatment. I have had three operations and as a result of those, my backbone was affected and I was not able to walk. This assistance from UCI is a God-send. I am ever so grateful now that I am able to move on my own. I have issues in life but now I am better equipped to deal with them. It is all because of the UCI medical facilities.”


Step 1 – The donation and wheelchair delivery process will be monitored at every stage to ensure transparency and accountability

Step 2 – Our Head of Location receives applications for each beneficiary

Step 3 – Our on-site team selects a fixed number of beneficiaries based on surveys and observations

Step 4 – The wheelchairs are ordered and bought

Step 5 – A wheelchair distribution ceremony is held where Mufti Abdul Wahab and our volunteers distribute them

Note: We deliver wheelchairs in bulk after a certain number has been collected. For more updates on how your wheelchair is helping people, you can check our social media pages.

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