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Water Project

We have successfully installed 256 water wells and 2,864 hand-pumps which have, inevitably, led to improved sanitation and better physical and mental well-being of all beneficiaries involved.

Since its inception, more than 150,000 people have benefited from the water wells and hand-pumps that were installed along with water tankers being provided in vulnerable communities and the provision of safe clean drinking water bottles in emergency relief situations. These people, belonging to families with burdens on their shoulders, and impoverished communities with not much to live on, have found hope through this ongoing charitable project. Across Pakistan, we have worked in over 20 areas, selecting each location based on a rigorous investigation.

We have worked in the following districts in Pakistan:

Kashmore, Ghambat, Bakshapur, Gudhpur, Kot Sabzal, Ranipur, Moro, Dadu, Ghotki, Mir Pur Mathelo


Water is essential in sustaining a livelihood and helping communities survive; in fact, an individual cannot survive without water for more than 3 days. Since water is the root of all life sources, it is natural to assume that it is abundant in all parts of the world. But, in the face of a looming water crisis, this assumption cannot be more incorrect. 2.1 billion people currently have insufficient water sources and it is for this reason that we launched our Water for Life project.


A hand-pump can benefit up to 25 people and a water well aids around 200 individuals in an entire community.

Your donation towards a hand-pump or water well has had the following effects in the communities where it’s implemented: The beneficiaries are given clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, watering crops, hydrating animals, women and girls no longer have to walk miles to fetch water, children are able to pursue their education, sanitation and hygiene improves substantially, people no longer have to rely on dirty and contaminated water to survive and dehydration is significantly reduced.


"Pure, uncontaminated water is scarce where I live; it is a blessing many of us do not have access to. In order to accomplish daily tasks, we relied on toxic and unsafe water which caused numerous health problems. However, this changed drastically when a hand-pump was installed in our area through Ummah Charity International.

We were able to reside in a safe environment and we consider it as a true blessing that Ummah Charity International stepped in when they did – they improved our physical health and our mental stability.”


Step 1 – Donation is received and choose the location

Step 2 – The completion of this project takes 9 to 12 months

Step 3 – Team UCI supervises the installation of a hand-pump of water well

Step 4 – An awareness session based on hygiene practices is held

Step 5 – Follow-up checks are completed by UCI’s team

Step 6 – We send feedback reports to all donors containing photos & location

Note: You can donate a handpump or water well in yours or loved one’s name. If no name for a hand pump or water well is given in the ‘notes’ of the donation, we will use the donor name given on the receipt for the plaque.

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