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Serving Our Communities

Free Meals Project – In Collaboration with London Community Kitchen

We have collaborated with London Community Kitchen to provide free meals to people in need in our local communities. London is on of the most developed cities in the world but the rise in the poverty and food insecurity rates, especially since the beginning of the pandemic have been are concerning.

Therefore, UCI has pledged to fight food insecurity in our local communities. Last year, we initiated our “Feed the Homeless” project, distributing a hundred food bags to people living without shelter, this year we have partnered with London Community Kitchen to distribute warm meals to people who need them.

Last year

We carefully curated and distributed over 50 food packs in one day alone, last year. Each food pack contained enough food to feed around five people for an entire week, making the total number of beneficiaries of this project around 250. Keeping in mind that homeless people would not have any storage facilities, we added items in the food pack that could last a long time without refrigeration, like small juice boxes, canned vegetables and fruits, tinned pasta, etc.

Sense of Community

In the last two years alone, there have been over 550 reported cases of violent crimes against homeless people in London, according to Metropolitan Police; many cases go unreported. It is then understandably challenging to maintain a belief in communal good when one has been marginalized, mistreated and overlooked. Therefore, at UCI, we felt compelled to reach out to these people in the margins of our society and show them that they are in our thoughts. The last Prophet says:

“O Aisha, Allah is gentle and He loves gentleness. He rewards for gentleness what is not granted for harshness and He does not reward anything else like it.”


Join Hands with Us

Community based work becomes truly impactful when a large number of people come together in helping out their underprivileged contemporaries. That is why we appeal you to join us in our work of providing relief in the form of food to London’s homeless and economically struggling population. Donate £10 or £20 from your Zakat or Sadaqah towards this cause and gain Sawab (divine reward). Islam teaches us the lesson of kindness and compassion to all; this is an opportunity to exhibit the giving spirit of our religion to these vulnerable members of society.

” These are kind people, helping us in this terrible weather. I’m sick of the constant hunger and always worrying about my next meal, thank you for not ignoring me, thank you for seeing me as a person.”

Step By Step Donation Process
  • We collect your donations through the website
  • Once enough money is collected, we make lists of the essential ingredients that needed for meals
  • We prepare the fresh meals in safe and sanitary conditions
  • The packed fresh meals are transported to London Community Kitchen, Harrow to be distributed to the local community.