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Creating Livelihoods This Ramadan

Ummah Charity International’s (UCI) Rozgar Project focuses on a simple outcome: paving the way towards self-sufficiency for poor people and their families.

We do this by giving them the means to earn their own income. UCI provides vehicles, equipment and machinery, as well as resources, education and skills development, so poor people can help themselves. These donations give them opportunities to earn and not be dependent on others. Ultimately, the Rozgar Project creates sustainable, long-term change.

UCI’s Rozgar project is part of our Livelihood Programme, and is Zakat eligible. UCl is committed to spending your Zakat in accordance with Islamic laws, which means we select our Zakat projects very carefully. If you are unsure about how much Zakat you owe, use our Zakat calculator today.

75 auto-rickshaws distributed
50 Delivery motorcycles distributed
1200 people benefit from UCI’s Livelihood Program

Thank you from Tanveer Ahmed

Tanveer Ahmed received an auto rickshaw from UCI’s Rozgar Project. He spoke to team UCI about how challenging life was for his family when he wasn’t working.

Since he has been earning an income with his donated rickshaw, things have improved. Talking to a team member, he said, “I am the sole breadwinner for my family of eight. I live with my wife, three children and my parents. Things were difficult when I was not earning. When a family member took ill, I was not in a position to even buy medication which really took a toll. Nowadays, things are much easier, Alhamdulillah! With the aid provided by Ummah Charity, I am finally able to take care of my family’s needs.”

The Grim Picture UCI is Trying to Change

Increasing rates of poverty especially in developing parts of the world, means ever greater difficulties in generating livelihoods. 

In Pakistan, over 24% of the population lives below the poverty line. Millions cannot earn enough to feed themselves and their families. Finding money for basics like food, shelter or clothes is very difficult. For them, investing in skills training or to start a business is impossible.

This is where the Rozgar Project comes in. People need a helping hand and with your support, we can provide that.

This Ramadan, donate to our Rozgar Project. Help people become independent and earn their own income. In this way, we can start breaking the cycle of poverty.

Why Donate a Rickshaw this Ramadan

Still unsure about where to give your Zakat? Why not invest in someone for the long term? Giving hungry people food and water is a noble act that attracts great rewards, but it does not help people in the long-term. Donating to our Rozgar Project can free a family from dependence on charity and help them break the cycle of poverty.

Does Donating One Motorbike Change Anything?

Yes! We cannot stress enough the impact that donating even one motorbike has on the lives of people who have been deprived of a stable source of income for years. It enables entire families to pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty and opens up the possibility of educating the next generation.

We are committed to this systemic change and work towards achieving that with our Rozgar Project. Your donation of a vehicle will have a ripple effect for years to come. Peoples’ lives will be transformed for the better.

We Enable Sustainable Long-Term Change

The Rozgar Project was started with resources donated by our chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab, along with other charity trustees and volunteers. With your help, we can expand the project and help many more.

Areas where UCI’s Rozgar Project is Implemented:

  • Surjani Town
  • Khuda ki Basti
  • Mangopir
  • Pakhtunabad
  • Jamhoria colony
  • Burmi colony and others. 

How it Works

Our Rozgar Project provides poor families with employment-related tools and equipment. We also give people small business loans, and vehicles so they can pursue their businesses efficiently.

Women’s Empowerment Project

Impressed by the Rozgar project? Check out our Women’s Empowerment Project which is based on the same principle of helping recipients become independent. Through our Women Empowerment Project, we support single mothers to open small businesses. They earn an income and can feed their families.