What we will do this Ramadan

Ramadan of 2019 is fast approaching – it is a month of blessings, purity and a month in which we should care for one another. This is why Ramadan is the most precious month in the Islamic calendar; the rewards for good deeds are multiplied by 70 and Ummah Charity International is providing you with the opportunity to gain these multiple rewards.
UCI has set up several campaigns this Ramadan for the most vulnerable and needy communities and your contribution towards these projects would be extremely beneficial towards your own life as it will bring blessings and immense reward.
Many families struggle to have Iftaar and as the fasting hours become longer they spend extended hours with nothing to fill their stomachs. Unlike us, they don't have the luxury of Iftaar and Suhoor and so we must support them during this time.
Let’s make their Ramadan a burden-free month by donating:
· Food packs for an entire family which will last them through Ramadan
· Warm cooked Iftaar meals provided and served by our team members in various communities
· Distribution of Iftaar boxes among the travellers.
This Ramadan help UCI reach 10,000 families by donating 10,000 food packs.

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