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The year 2020 has been hard on all of us since the start. Karachiites who were already going through severe crisis due to Covid-19, expected rainfall to come as a relief in this simmering summer. Unfortunately, rain besides being a blessing from Allah is rather a nightmare for the citizens. The city is facing flood, accidents due to weak infrastructure and power outages.

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan, but after facing these problems the residents are blaming the government. They say that the sindh government does not pay much attention to the largest metropolitan city. This change in weather has resulted in deaths, destruction, and hours of load shedding. Stagnant water has given birth to mosquitoes and different bugs, streets and houses are flooded with dirty, rain water, electricity poles have collapsed causing deaths in the city, and many accidents have taken place due to ill mannered roads. 

"And whoever saves one life it would be as if he saved all of mankind."
(Qur’an, 5:32)


Team UCI is working hard to ensure the safety of the people effected by this heavy rain along with urban flooding! They are moving door to door giving out cooked food and clean drinking water to the vulnerable of the city. We request you all to support us in this good cause, the kindness of you action will surely be reflected in the success of our efforts.


By donating to our initiative, you can play a role in relieving and keep people safe during these difficult times.

The change starts now. You can choose to save lives today.

"Whoever relieves a believer’s distress of the distressful aspects of this world, Allah will rescue him from a difficulty of the difficulties of the Hereafter. Whoever alleviates [the situation of] one in dire straits who cannot repay his debt, Allah will alleviate his lot in both this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah will conceal [his faults] in this life and the Hereafter."
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