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Help a Child Succeed

Every child should be able to realise their full potential and grow up to build a better world; with this in mind, our Street School project has seen a total of 100 students being enrolled.

Staffed with eligible and fully-trained teachers who are supervised by Ms Hafsa Kanwal, our Street School has enrolled many children providing them with a full education, comprising of both secular and religious subjects based on national curriculum including English, Maths, Urdu, Science etc. These were children coming from the worst of living conditions; in fact, many of them hadn’t even known how to hold a pencil prior to attending the institution, and they were able to develop fine motor skills. Not only are they helped academically, but also socially and healthcare-wise. They are given classes on hygiene, as well as free uniforms, notebooks, other stationery items, and snacks.

Where our street schools are located:

Saeedabad Karachi


Education is one of the most important tools a child can be equipped with, for it is the passport to their future. Our main aim with this campaign is to shape these youths into hardworking and diligent citizens. Approximately 22.8 million children (aged 5-16) have never seen the inside of a classroom in Pakistan. These staggering statistics highlight that development for the country is still a long way to go, and unless everyone steps up to play their part, this number will only continue to rise.

We need you to sponsor a child to change their life.


You can sponsor a child and change their life in the following ways: children can pursue their academic goals; underage children no longer have to work under harsh conditions or beg on the streets; they are given gender-equitable access to quality education; children are taught key Islamic and religious principles; through learning with play they are given knowledge and understanding which the child develops and learns, and children are also taught basic life skills.


“Saffiya is such a bright girl and I wanted nothing more than to give her the chance to build a successful future for herself; I wanted her to have the future that I had never been given because I am also from a vulnerable background. We live in a makeshift tent which we call our home, in an insecure environment at the heart of Pakistan's most vulnerable districts and Saffiya's father is often working laborious hours trying to earn at least the minimum wage.

Through the intervention of Ummah Charity International, my daughter was given the education that she always dreamed of; she would wait at the edge of the road and silently watch other children head off to school wearing their uniforms before UCI stepped in. She had dreams of becoming a doctor, yet the price of medical education was beyond our comprehension. Through their aid, I am sure that my daughter’s future will be ripe with the fruits of success thanks to the opportunity that UCI has given her.”


Step 1 – You set up a monthly standing order

Step 2 – Based on surveys, the most vulnerable children are selected for the school

Step 3 – The child is enrolled in school

Step 4 – The children are provided with all the essentials

Step 5 – Every child has to undergo an examination on a monthly basis to assess the child’s progress

Step 6 – Our on-site team visits the homes of the students to ensure that everything is running smoothly

NOTE: For further information on the progress of the children in the street school you can check out our latest updates page.