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Giving the Gift of Sight

Through the years, our Eye Care project has come a long way and we have established a total of 60 eye camps throughout Pakistan, each of which sees approximately 250-400 people, and more than 10,000 glasses were prescribed.

Medical and health projects have always been our more popular enterprises considering the lack of affordability and the limited facilities in the poorest districts of Pakistan. Our Eye Care project alone has helped over 15,000 beneficiaries, bringing light to the lives of those who had been living in darkness. Medicines are approved by proficient health establishments and we perform cataract surgeries if required and the beneficiaries are referred to local hospitals if needed. The Chairman of UCI, Mufti Abdul Wahab, along with our volunteers, take the time to visit each eye camp and ensure that the beneficiaries are receiving the treatment they need.

Our eye camps have been executed in the following areas of Pakistan:

Burmi Colony, Surjani Town, Wangi Goth, Pakhtuna Bad, Mangopir, Khuda ki Basti Naval Colony and many others.


Hundreds of individuals across the globe struggle with preventable blindness and a high number of them are, in fact, children. Having survived complicated births in low-income countries, statistics show that 19 million children under 15 are struggling with blindness. Those who we help, both adults and children alike, are victims of this treatable condition, and with the right support, they are able to resume their day-to-day activities once more.


Donations towards eye camps have seen the following impacts made on communities: they were treated against debilitating eye-related surgeries such as cataract and refractive errors; those affected can now continue with their daily routines without having to worry about their eyesight; communities are encouraged to be helpful and accepting of others and those who had been cured of blindness can now seek out employment.

Fauzia Shares Her Story

“I am widow and a single mother of four, my oldest son is twelve years old, and the poor child has to help me take care of his younger siblings. I can’t afford the tuition fee of four children so the eldest two are not able to go to school either. In these circumstances, it’s difficult to think about my own health, I am grateful that Ummah Charity

 International cared enough to set up an eye care camp for us and gave us free consultation and medication. I really needed this help as I have been struggling with poor vision for years but did not have the money for even a simple checkup. I just want to say that being compassionate is a sign of a good human being and people who give their Zakat and Sadqah to help people like me are good people indeed and I will remember them in my prayers.”


Step 1 – Donations are received

Step 2 – Eye camps are established in the chosen locations

Step 3 – Initial assessments are conducted by qualified doctors

Step 4 – Free medicine, prescriptions, treatments and operations for each patient

Step 5 – Patients are referred to hospitals if required

Step 6 – Patients are counselled in an awareness programme

Step 7 – Detailed feedback reports are only sent to those who donated a complete eye camp