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Ramadan Food Packs

Our Ramadan project has been running since 2014 and has so far distributed a total of 8309 food packs during the holy month of Ramadan.

This Ramadan we invite every one of you to feed those people who are in desperate need and are facing endless starvation. One of the main aspects of our Ramadan project lies in the distribution of our food packs. Each year, we create custom-made food packages to include all the dietary essentials that a family would need which includes wheat, barley, rice, sugar, dates, cooking oil, flour, spices, juice, tea and others ingredients. Pre-Ramadan food packs are distributed by Mufti Abdul Wahab personally. Each food pack can last a family for the entire month of Ramadan, a total of 83,090 beneficiaries have benefitted through our food pack project.

Throughout the years, we’ve worked in the following areas:

Punjab Chorangi, Jamhoria Colony, Burmi Colony and alongside many others.


Ramadan, for many of us, is a few hours of feeling the pangs of hunger, but for over 30,000 children and 20,000 adults around the world – hunger is a daily fact. Prophet Muhammad [Sal Allahu `Alaihi wa Sallam] said: “Whoever feeds the person who is breaking his fast, he will have his reward (for his fasting) without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person.”

Ramadan is a month of giving charity to those who need it, food to those who are fasting and hope to those who believed that they would be spending Ramadan without any sustenance.


Your donation towards our food pack campaign will have the following impact on a beneficiary and their family: they will be able to have nutritious and tasty Suhoor and Iftar meals; families will be encouraged to keep their fasts, knowing that they will have a delicious meal to start and end their fasts with; family bonding and kinship is encouraged; and finally, religious harmony and unity will be widespread through some of the most vulnerable communities, and not to forget the impact your donation has on you and your family, rewards are multiplied and blessing come your way.


“On behalf of myself and my 11 family members, I would like to express my gratefulness towards UCI for allowing us to enjoy the month of Ramadan in a way we hadn’t been able to before. My elderly mother and my children had been struggling to fast during the month of Ramadan since we had little to no food to sustain us during the previous months of Ramadan.

UCI’s food packs allow us to appreciate this month even more than we had previously. Aside from appreciating the month, the delicious food that we were able to make and eat as a family has enabled us to see this blessed month in a new light. It’s difficult to remain positive when you know that your young children and your elderly are going to sleep with empty stomachs. It’s difficult knowing that my sons can try their hardest and still not be able to help us as they wants. My son Qasim has always remained by my side, regardless of the hardships we go through. Thanks to UCI, our family was able to spend the entire month satiated.”


Step 1 – Donations are received

Step 2 – Our team is informed about the number of food packs to be distributed

Step 3 – Food items are bought for the food packs

Step 4 – The food packs are packaged in hundreds of cartons

Step 5 – Locations for the distribution of food packs are selected through our process of observation

Step 6 – Food packs are distributed before Ramadan

Note: You can donate sadaqah, lilah and zakat towards our Ramadan projects. We also have a 100% zakat policy which means every pound of our Zakat donation goes to those who need it the most.