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Ramadan Food Pack

Since 2014 , we have provided over 10,000 monthly food packs and helped to some of the poorest families in across Pakistan.

Support our work to eradicate hunger and tackle malnutrition through Food programme

Addressing the problem of food shortage has always been one of our top priorities, and our collective food projects have helped more than 38,120 individuals. Whether this has been through freshly-cooked meals, monthly food packages or the delivery of food in emergency relief situations, the people who we help come from the forgotten sectors of rural Pakistan. The areas which we work in have been hit by poverty like no other, and the residents have seen unspeakable traumas throughout their lifetimes.

Our food projects have been executed in the following areas of Pakistan:

Gadap Town, Kalapul, Jamhoria Colony, Ibrahim Hyderi, Burmi Colony, Surjani Town, Mangopir, Burma, Mirpur and many more.


Food is a necessity we cannot live without, yet there are more than 795 million people around the world who are currently experiencing deadly hunger. Unable to feed themselves, the individuals who we help are part of these rising statistics, and these numbers will only continue to increase if we do not step up. Launching our food-related campaigns is part of our effort to ease the suffering of people across the globe, but we cannot achieve anything without you.


Your donation towards our Cooked Food project has had the following impact on the beneficiaries: No longer having to beg for food, children are free to achieve their academic goals; health and sanitation improves; malnutrition and starvation decreases in vulnerable communities; families are encouraged to eat meals with one another and positive-thinking and optimism are instilled in families.


Step 1 – Donations are received

Step 2 – Depending on the type of food project, locations are selected based on in-depth surveys

Step 3 – Foodpacks are made by purchase quality products

Step 4 – Our team and on-site project managers supervise the distribution of food packs

Note: You can feed a family by setting up a standing order which would last them an entire month.