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Feed the Hungry

For almost a decade now, with your Zakat and Sadaqah we have been fighting food insecurity in Pakistan, having helped over 26,000 people till date.

The issue is deep rooted and has various causes but without projects like Feed the Hungry, people in need of urgent help would be neglected. Help us expand our impact by donating to this project.

What is Food Insecurity?

United Nations’ Food and Agriculture department describes the state of being state insecure as: “A person is food insecure when they lack regular access to enough safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active and healthy life. This may be due to unavailability of food and/or lack of resources to obtain food.”

Why Fight Hunger in Pakistan?

Ummah Charity International has been fighting food insecurity in Pakistan for almost a decade now, this is because, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute, one amongst 5 people in Pakistan is malnourished. For this reason, UCI works on several food-oriented appeals, and is dedicated to combatting food shortages in underdeveloped countries.

According to National Nutrition Survey Pakistan, almost 40% of Pakistan’s population is food insecure, this essentially means that over one third of the population does not know where their next meal will come from or how they will afford it. Donating to UCI, you would be ensuring that thousands of such food-insecure individuals are receiving of a fulfilling meal and the satisfaction that comes with it. The more intangible benefit of this initiative is that these impoverished communities are reminded of that they are valuable members of community are not forgotten.

Where Do We Operate?

Our ‘Feed the Hungry’ appeal targets the poorest families in the communities we operate in, giving them ready-to-eat food that they desperately need. Not only does our team identify the most vulnerable communities bases on employment and income indexes, they also ensure that widows and orphans are catered to first. 

Why Should I Donate?

By donating to this appeal, you’ve helped fund UCI’s numerous food drives including those that were part of relief efforts after high-risk natural disasters. After last year’s devastating Karachi Monsoon floods, we provided food to over 600 people facing internal displacement.

However, we do not stay dormant in non- emergency circumstances and help impoverished people throughout the year with our Sadaqah, Qurbani, food pack and communal cooked food drives throughout the year.

Your Call to Action

We have 3 options for you to choose from. To ease the hunger of 300 people you can donate £300, and to do the same for 500 people, you can donate £500. This equates to just £1 per meal. Regardless of the choice you make, you will make an enormous different to the lives of a community, and they will be so grateful.

Alternatively, you can set up a standing order to feed a family for an entire month. Your donation will ensure they do not go hungry, removing the pain and anxiety that comes from not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Haleema Expresses her Gratitude

“Nobody wants to be at the receiving end of charity, you know. But times have been difficult, I’ve had to struggle in ways I didn’t think I would ever have to, just to fee my children.

In such difficult times, when UCI provided free meals to me and my family, I just felt overwhelmed with gratitude, it may seem like a small thing to some people, but for families like mine, this help means that someone cares, that we’re not forgotten by society. I just want to thank anyone who contributed towards this project, you save people like me from hopelessness.”

Step by Step Donation Guide

Step 1 – We collect donations from you for this particular appeal.

Step 2 – Once enough donations are collected, our team in Pakistan works to identify high-risk areas in Pakistan, in terms of food insecurity.

Step 3 – With your donation, our team arranges cooked food and organizes the logistics of its distribution.

Step 4 – Once everything is arranged, members of the identified impoverished community are invited in to have free meals for a day.

Note: You can donate Sadaqah, Lilah and Zakat towards our Ramadan projects. We also have a 100% Zakat policy, which means every pound of your Zakat donation goes to those who need it the most.