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"It's crucial that, in times of hardship, we all play our parts in assisting those who are struggling against war, poverty, famine, disease and starvation. After I witnessed the extent of damage that devastation can cause, I was prompted to enact relief on a larger scale hence the creation of UCI.

Ummah Charity International is a humanitarian relief organisation and since 2012, we have worked hard to continuously assist the most deprived and destitute individuals. The vision of the charity has been encapsulated in its strap line, to make life better for the Ummah, and our multiple projects cater towards making this vision a reality.

I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved in bringing UCI to the position that it is in today, including our generous donors, the dedicated staff and the hardworking volunteers, all of whom are the driving force behind the charity. Your support has been monumental in benefiting people across the globe but there are still people out their depending on you for their survival.

UCI presents multiple philanthropic opportunities for you to help make a global impact in many poverty-stricken areas around the world. If you wish to help us, contact our team to see how you can be involved and how your support can make a lasting difference to the people who desperately need your help.”

Mufti Abdul Wahab
Chairman – Ummah Charity International