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Build your Palace in Jannah

Since 2014, we have rebuilt 36 mosques, and these have reached at-least 7,200 people. This is excellent work as it means that there are 7,200 Muslims that no longer have to travel long, arduous distances just to pray. Your selfless donations have allowed roughly 300 people to participate in collective prayer on a daily basis.

With our Build a Mosque project, we rebuild or renovate damaged Mosques, providing dedicated space for Salah and religious community congregations across rural Pakistan. For a lot of communities in impoverished and marginalized places, losing a mosque means losing touch with their Islamic identity and faith, we help restore this crucial connection by helping restore these scared spaces. The Chairman of UCI, Mufti Abdul Wahab states that: “We aim to work in those villages where Masajid have been completely demolished and reshape the religious identities of individuals in these areas.”

With this clear intention at the center of our vision, we ask you to donate to this urgent cause and help your brothers and sisters in faith have access to a mosque.

We have reconstructed and renovated mosques in areas including the following ones:

Kashmore, Ghospur, Pano Akil, Kandi Koth alongside many more

The reward of helping in the construction of a mosque is considered Sadaqah e Jariya, which means you and your descendants will continue to reap rewards from this pious act for as long as the mosque survives; much after your worldly existence ends.

Build a Masjid with UCI

Ummah Charity International aims to rebuild Masjids in the slums of Pakistan; areas characterized by pennilessness, poverty, and ruin. The members of such communities have a profound connection with Islam, but they lack the knowledge and guidance to practice it adequately and deepen their faith.

Our project’s objective is to enhance the connection the disadvantaged have with Islam. By giving them a safe, holy place to connect with their community, they learn to better embody Islamic values, and live in a way that more closely resembles Islam’s teachings. This personal development is accompanied with academic advancement, as in addition to the social and religious benefits, there are also educational resources, making our Masjids crucial to the growth of the community.


This initiative aims to better and enrich the lives of Muslims in disenfranchised in a systemic way. We are approaching the re-building of these mosques not as a singular action but as a communal change by giving communities access to a safe and welcoming center for daily prayer and religious learning. The masjids we build provide space for these impoverished communities to gather and get a break from their often-grim everyday lives and move closer to the eternal truth of Islam. All of this is enabled by your generous donation, which as a form Sadaqah e Jariyah will benefit you for as long as the mosque remains.


My name is Janib Ali and I live in Ghoas Buksh, Sindh. Most of the people in our community are short on financial means and we barely make ends meet. Sometimes it gets difficult to provide even the most basic necessities for our families so many years we have had to prioritize having food on the table over building a proper mosque, it’s unfortunate. Ummah Charity International built this beautiful and spacious mosque in our village, it’s like a gift from Allah (SWT) that don’t have to travel eight kilometers outside the village to pray in a Jammat (congregation). We cannot thank Muti Abdul Wahab and Ummah Charity International for this gift”


Step 1 – Donations are received

Step 2 – Locations are scouted for the best possible region to build the Masjid

Step 3 – Masjid construction begins and usually takes around 11 months to complete

Step 4 – Once the Masjid is up and running, feedback reports are delivered to donors

Step 5 – Follow-up checks are conducted to ensure that the Masjid is running smoothly

Note: The Build a Masjid project is based on renovating those Masajid which are completely damaged and isolated. If you intend to visit your masjid we can provide you with the exact location and you can make your own way to the Masjid.