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Build your palace in Jannah

Over the last few years, our Build a Masjid project has helped over 5000 people, giving them the chance to adopt religious duties in the cohesive and social environment that Masjids provide.

We renovate or reconstructs damaged Masajid, providing valuable amenities for the entire community. The Chairman of UCI, Mufti Abdul Wahab states that: “We aim to work in those villages where Masajid have been completely demolished and reshape the religious identities of individuals in these areas.” We have been constructing Masajid in order to facilitate people with a religious centre. Citizens of various areas are often deprived and out-of-touch with their Islamic associations – something which we wished to tackle with our Build a Masjid project.

Project implementation areas:

Kashmore, Ghospur, Pano Akil, Kandi Koth alongside many more


A Masjid is a place of spiritual and personal development but aside from this, religious and educational growth is also instigated. Statistics show that there are around 4 million Masajid in the world, yet little to none of these are in some of Pakistan’s most vulnerable districts. By building them in various localities, societies are encouraged to help each other through times of need and connect with their neighbours and families in a spiritual setting.

Every Masjid you contribute towards has the power to change lives.


By donating to this project, you can make the following impacts on a local, Pakistani district: individuals can reinforce their Islamic ethos, faith and religious duties; a sense of community is established and strengthened; local labourers will also be supported by building the Masjid; a Masjid provides a sense of learning and cohesion; core values of faith and unity are instilled and Masjids allow people to pray the five daily prayers as well as the sacred Jumaah prayers on Friday afternoon.


"These developments that UCI propelled into action are amazing for this small community; we've always wanted a masjid in this small community of Bakshpur but because of lack of funding and support we've never been able to pray in one. Throughout my years of living here, I've come across countless individuals who have sadly turned away from their religion because they do not have a masjid to interact in. I also did not want my children to grow up with a barrier between themselves and their religious identity. Masjids help individuals to regain their spiritual consciousness which is why I am extremely grateful that we finally have a proper Masjid facility to pray in, instead of someone's house.

Thanks to the charity, Mufti Abdul Wahab, the donors, staff members, volunteers and all those who helped bring this masjid to life, our community has become a buzz of joy and unity and the masjid has seen hundreds of individuals participate in the five daily prayers. I am proud to be the Imam of such a unified and supportive community.”


Step 1 – Donations are received

Step 2 – Locations are scouted for the best possible region to build the Masjid

Step 3 – Masjid construction begins and usually takes around 11 months to complete

Step 4 – Once the Masjid is up and running, feedback reports are delivered to donors

Step 5 – Follow-up checks are conducted to ensure that the Masjid is running smoothly

Note: The Build a Masjid project is based on renovating those Masajid which are completely damaged and isolated. If you intend to visit your masjid we can provide you with the exact location and you can make your own way to the Masjid.