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Since its inception in 2018, our Tameer-e-Ashiana project has built 11 houses; provide safe homes in order to eliminate homelessness.

In order to provide people with safe and guarded homes, UCI launched this Tameer-e-Ashiana project which has seen a total of 95 people being given shelter. Having been places with no electricity or water, with families of more than 8 people often having to stay in one room, UCI makes sure that the renovated homes are complete with a comfortable living room, kitchen, separate bedrooms, a stable roof and working electricity all throughout the compound. UCI goes the extra mile to paint the interior and exterior of the homes to add a homely flair, encouraging the house’s inhabitants to take pride in their residence.

Houses have been built in following areas of Pakistan:

Surjani, Ajmer Goth, Yaro Goth alongside many others.


More than 200 million of Pakistan’s population (roughly around 35%) live below the poverty line, which also entails that they do not have sufficient housing and are either sleeping rough or sleeping in shelters which could barely be called a home.

Your help can such people find a place which they can call their home; a place in which they can make memories and feel safe – a place that they are not ashamed to live in. By donating, you can improve the conditions of families across rural districts of Pakistan.


Your donation towards the Tameer-e-Ashiana project has the following results: familial bonds and ties of kinship are strengthened; families can take pride in where they live; they no longer have to worry about electricity and water problems in their areas; by installing doors and windows, security is provided to all inhabitants of a home; families are shielded from the cold and the heat during harsh climate conditions and with working stoves in the kitchen, everyone can enjoy a hot, delicious meal together which had previously been seen as a luxury.


"It’s been a struggle to raise my children against a backdrop of poverty, hunger and helplessness, especially when one of my daughters is about to be married off but I am incredibly thankful to Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab and UCI for providing my family and myself with a safe and secure place we can now call our home. We no longer have to worry about leaking roofs, cracked floorboards and electricity that just didn't work properly. On behalf of the Ali family, we express our gratitude to all those involved in giving us our home."


Step 1 – Donations are collected

Step 2 – Beneficiaries are selected based on observation, surveys and interviews

Step 3 – House construction takes place and takes around 11 months to complete

Step 4 – Feedback reports are only sent to the donors who have rebuilt an entire house

Step 5 – Our on-site team visits the families who we help to ensure their well-being

Note: These houses are not fully constructed from scratch; they are rebuilt and refurbished according to the family’s requirements.