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Bring Joy Through Eid Gifts

Islam stresses on the importance of being kind to children and taking care of their needs and wants. It is unfortunate that children in underprivileged families remain deprived of not just basic necessities but also the bliss and joy that Eid brings.
Ummah Charity International identifies this disparity and follows the prophet’s example in being kind to children. Every Eid, we give Gift Packs to children from impoverished families, to make their Eid blissful but also to remind them of the unity and brotherhood of the Ummah.

The Prophet said, “Whoever is not merciful to others will not be treated mercifully.” (Al-Bukhari)

“Give gifts to one another, you will love each other.” (al-Adab al-Mufrad)

Our Eid Gift Packs contain clothes, toys, school supplies and sweets; all things are added to the pack with the intention of making the recipient children happy.

Spread Smiles This Eid

Many children, especially those living in the slums of Pakistan, do not have the luxuries that we have in the West. These luxuries include new toys, games, clothes and shoes, all of which we provide in our Eid Gift packs. With one in eight people going to bed hungry around the world, your gift could mean everything to a child on the morning of Eid.

Impact Of Your Donations

Your donation towards our Eid gift campaign will have profound effects upon a child: they will be able to enjoy the occasion of Eid to the fullest; they can integrate into the community much better especially during this time of festivity; and together we can give a child some of the smiles and hopes they lost during conflict in their homelands.

Mr Jalal And His Grand Daughter Fatima

“Due to my son’s low income, even with her free education, we are not able to afford much for my granddaughter Fatima. She's such a sweet little girl and doesn't ask for anything knowing that we can't afford it, which is why it makes me upset when I see her watching the other kids in our small neighbourhood flaunting their new toys and clothes on the special occasion of Eid without saying a word.

That’s why the yearly Eid gifts that we receive from UCI are the only things that enable us to enjoy our Eid day. It is a religious occasion and with all the other children in the area enjoying and wearing new clothes, and I was sad that my granddaughter were not able to partake in all the festivity. I keep praying for Mufti Abdul Wahab, for giving us this great help. The smiling face of my granddaughter every Eid is far more beneficial than anything else we could have been given. Her happiness is enough to sustain our whole family, and for this we thank UCI for facilitating us through the most difficult time of our lives and we wish him the best.”


Step 1 – Beneficiaries and locations are selected based upon our on-site team’s observation

Step 2 – The items for the Eid gift packs are purchased

Step 3 – The Eid gift packs are assembled by our team

Step 4 – The Eid gift packs are distributed to the children by Mufti Abdul Wahab and our volunteers

Note: Eid Gift packs are prepared during the last 10 days of Ramadan for distribution. Each gift pack is for one child.