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Mufti Abdul Wahab
Chair, Board of Trustees

Mufti Abdul Wahab is the founder of Ummah Charity International. As the chair of trustees, he provides an abundance of experience and is passionate about humanitarian work. He takes pride in his work and his commendable devotion has been the focal point for Ummah Charity International. He studied from Jamiat-ul-Uloom Islamiat in Karachi and his popularity has increased immensely over the past decade which has been fuelled by his rapid fan following on global media;  His expertise catalysed the unprecedented growth of the charity. Being an Islamic Scholar, he has an admirable motivation to help others therefore he not only supports the poverty-stricken and needy families but he also voluntarily counsels thousands of individuals every year. 

Waqaas Rahman
Member, Board of Trustees

Waqaas Rahman has contributed in a variety of ways towards the growth of Ummah Charity International. Whether it is through his expertise in the quaternary, digital sector from over ten years of experience in the IT industry, or through his leading management skills, he has been successful in giving the charity the boost it needed to become a quality institution. His credentials include a BSC in Computer Science and Management, an MSC in Advanced Computing and an MBA from prestigious institutions such as King’s College, Imperial College and the Russell Group university: Warwick Business School. Waqaas Rahman has also given insights on topics such as marketing, branding, organisational structure and government policies. As a valued member of the board, he provides UCI with a wealth of both knowledge and professionalism.

Faisal Rao
Member, Board of Trustees

Faisal Rao is an asset to Ummah Charity International due to his financial acumen, decisiveness and efficiency; he has a BA in Accounting and Finance and a BSC in Computer Science from King’s College, London.  As the skilled individual behind UCI’s financial system, Faisal Rao has been able to effectively respond to and address any issue which he has been faced with. His innovative attitude has also allowed the charity to maintain their skilled monetary system in order to ensure the satisfaction of all UCI’s donors, volunteers and staff members.