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Put Your Qurbani in Safe Hands.

Eid al Adha marks the conclusion of the annual Muslim Pilgrimage (Hajj e Akbar). To commemorate this event and to practice a remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) devotion, Muslims around the world offer the sacrifice of four-legged halal animals to please Allah (SWT) and to help feed people in need.

The Process

We at UCI have been facilitating your qurbani sacrifice process since 2014. We source your qurbani animals from various cattle markets where our dedicated teams of staff and volunteers personally select your qurbani animal making sure it satisfies all the criteria of health and age as outlined by the Shariah. Until 10th Dhu al-Hijjah, our team keeps the animal well-fed and safe. Come Eid al Adha, our team closely oversees the qurbani rites, making sure all act is performed in compliance with the guidelines commanded by Allah (SWT).

Last year alone, despite the limitations posed by Covid 19 lockdowns, with the help of our donors, UCI was able to give qurbani raw meat as well as cooked meals to 51,888 people, prioritizing people with very limited means like orphans and widows. We believe this initiative is beneficial both ways, in that our donors fulfill their obligatory qurbani through it while underprivileged Muslims receive fresh raw meat and meat-based meals.

Last we distributed raw meat and cooked meals prepared from your qurbani animals in over 50 areas including:
Surjani Town, Ibrahim Hyderi, Pakhtunabad, Jamhoria colony, Noor Deen Goth, Khalil Goth, Mehran Basti, Sultanabad, Ghulam Muhammad Goth, Sector 7A, Kherabad, Wangi Goth, Sector 2, Ghazi Goth, Siddiqui Goth.


To get more information on Eid al Adha and Qurbani sacrifice, click here to read our Qurbani FAQs.

How We Helped this Widowed Mother

Read “My name is Fouzia, I am a widow and I take care of my five children alone. Our family hasn’t been able to perform qurbani in years, after the death of my husband, everything fell apart my five children and myself, our finances crumbled. I am hardly able to feed my children a meal a day and occasions like Eid, things get even more difficult, they feel the absence of their father most strongly then. This, Ummah Charity International came to our house and gave us qurbani meat themselves, I cannot describe to you how much gratitude I have in my heart for people like them who care enough about forgotten people like me to remember us on days like Eid. Thanks to UCI, my children and I ate meat after more than a year. Thank for your support, thank you for caring.”

Note: The deadline to book your Qurbani is 17.7.2021. You can donate your qurbani in yours or someone else’s name. If no name is given in the ‘notes’ of the donation, we will use the donor’s name.

Give your Qurbani Today

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