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2020 was a particularly challenging year for Ummah Charity International. The devastating pandemic presented unprecedented challenges and hurdles in our relief work, restricted our access to areas where people needed our support most. Despite these obstructions, we managed to increase the impact of our relief work in Pakistan. This was made possible as a result of the tireless efforts of our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, and of course our generous donors.

It is with gratitude to Allah (SWT) that I say: Ummah Charity International is a thriving, life-changing philanthropic organization. Our projects have matured into relief system that are geared towards long-term change… read more


2019 was a year of growth and unity for Ummah Charity International and has seen a rise in our organisation’s unwavering public support, with new volunteers and staff members stepping forward to contribute towards both our newer and older initiatives. 

Our respective projects – which help people throughout Pakistan in all walks of life – have flourished considerably and we hope to mark the coming decade with even more progress and improvement.. read more


Ummah Charity International (UCI) has been working towards betterment of humanity, societal cohesion and the eradication of poverty even with its limited resources.

A product of years of thought and struggles, UCI is moving forward at a rapid pace. What started as an emergency response to the people of Balakot (a city which was razed to the ground in the year 2012 as a result of a devastating earthquake) is now a comprehensive relief and humanitarian organisation… read more


Ummah Charity International (UCI) has been rendering its services since 2012 for the betterment of humanity. Our journey commenced with the initiative to support individuals affected by earthquake. It was indeed a devastating event but it brought people closer to each other with the zeal to support the overwhelmed families.

This was the moment which led to UCI being born. A team of volunteers was constituted to reach out to the distressed area to deliver the relief goods… read more


Ummah Charity International (UCI) is an outcome of my vision, which I carried ever since I was a student endeavouring to become a scholar. My vision was solely inspired and driven by the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as a social welfare practitioner, an activist for human and animal rights, and an environmentalist.

In order to coup up with the scope of deliverable it was necessary to establish an organization, which can undertake large initiatives in a structural manner… read more


Ummah Charity International Hafiz-e-Qur’an Sponsorship in Pakistan enables vulnerable children to get a good education as well as memorize the Holy Qur’an during the 3-year sponsorship. Most of these vulnerable children and their carers are unable to support the expenses of education, Qur’an memorisation and other life necessities due to extreme levels of poverty.

The cost for a 3-years Hafiz-e-Qur’an programme is £1,080 or £30 per month. Please donate generously… read more