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Since 2014, we have saved and transformed the lives of over — By responding to natural disasters, reshaping lives and preparing communities in the face of disaster – we save lives before they are lost.
Ummah Charity International is a UK-based comprehensive relief organisation and has been established by Chairman, Mufti Abdul Wahab. We run a multitude of different projects, including Water for Life, Livelihood and Healthcare initiatives to assist communities worldwide.


Our vision is a world where people are provided the basic amenities of life and everyone is provided with equal opportunities without discrimination.

We aim to ensure that those struggling below the poverty line are cared for, which requires dedication, determination and drive on our part as an organisation and on the society as a whole. It is an ambitious vision, one that we hope to accomplish in the near-future.


Our mission is to deal with poverty and its causes by developing innovative and sustainable solutions that enable individuals and their communities to live with dignity. Additionally, we aim to eliminate the suffering and hardship which many people are currently facing.



Islam has taught a key universal lesson: equality irrespective of colour, class, race, gender, age, disability, ethnicity and religion. This is a lesson which we adopt in all of our practices.


We believe that respect is something everyone has the right to receive. And it is our duty to respect one another no matter someone’s financial position or social status.

Integrity and Transparency

As our key principles, we encourage openness, transparent dealings and honest transactions at all times.


We believe in kindness and compassion to everyone who is facing life’s challenges.


We work together with our local and international partners in order to effectively serve the larger community.


We stand by people, giving them the support they need to recover. Strengthening bonds, improving ties and increasing unity is something we specialise in, and hope to continue into the future.


By way of wrapping our values into one, we hope to achieve excellence in every one of our endeavours.