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We actually would not have gone through the first 10-15 mins of the day; some of us drink
water first and start our day. Ever thought that where the water is coming from? From which
source it is coming in our tap? River, lake or from the ground aquifer? Can we quantify the daily
usage of water consumption? Now imagine a day without water. Can we?
According to WASA (Water and Sanitation Agency) ‘the water reaches around 100,000
households, or around 900,000 people. This makes an average use of 100 gallon per person per
day.’ The world’s average is 10 gallon per day.

Wasa’s collections remains abysmal and is still based on provincial government subsides. Due to
the lack of sufficient water usage charges, residents are consuming so much water, the supply
system is still low, and consequently there are no funds for the maintenance of facilities.
There are toughest and bigger challenges in Sindh and other provinces in Pakistan. We would
say an alarming situation has arises in Pakistan due to increase in population and
industrialization. Drinking Water quality in Pakistan has been deteriorated day by day.
From the figure of 100 only 20% of the population in Pakistan have access to safe drinking
water and the rest 80% are forced to use the unhealthy and unsafe drinking water due to
scarcity of healthy and safe drinking water sources.
The lack of safe and healthy water is silently killing many children and citizens living in rural
areas of Pakistan. The situation is getting worse as climate change is causing more and more
drought, making vast regions of land dry and warm. We immediately have to take measure to
save lives as much we can.

Last year, Ummah Charity International WATER FOR LIFE project benefited 51,775 people living
in rural areas of Pakistan where they do not have access to safe and healthy drinking water,
where some people including children and women have to walk miles to fetch water for their
daily usage. We have worked in the following districts in Pakistan; Kashmore, Ghambat,
Bakshapur, Gudhpur, Kot Sabzal, Ranipur, Moro, Dadu, Ghotki, Mir Pur Mathelo.
Through your single donation in Hand pump you can benefit 25 people at once and a water well
aids around 200 people.


We can take certain steps to slow the water crisis in Pakistan. How? According to researches we
need to expand the water shortage, reducing the waste of water as much as we can, we ca
improve water productivity we can also help the management to develop a framework of
surface and groundwater like installation of Hand pumps and water wells in the different areas
of Pakistan. You can also donate towards our Water for Life project and can save 200 people
dying due to the consumption of unhealthy water. Your donations can save their time, can save
their lives and can give their children a healthy life they deserve.
Be the part of Us and donate for a Life!