"“For every hair of the Qurbaani you receive a reward from Allah (SWT). [Tirmidhi]"


Ummah Charity International highlights the importance of ending hunger and extreme poverty in the world by sharing the blessing of Qurbani through our Qurbaani project. With the supports of its donors and supporters, for the past few years Ummah Charity International was able to provide meat to the poor and needy families in the most impoverished regions of the third world.

The cattle are obtained from multiple markets for reasonable prices. Then they are cared and fed by our teams at dedicated places. On the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah animals are sacrificed and Ummah Charity International’s team reached out to poor families to distribute meat. Orphaned children, women and the elderly are prioritised, ensuring the meat was delivered to those who need it most.

Every year Mufti Abdul Wahab personally visits Pakistan to ensure that the Qurbaani project is performed in accordance to the correct Islamic teachings and distributes meat himself in the most vulnerable of areas.

What is Qurbaani?

Millions of Muslims around the world honour the tradition of Prophet Ibrahim A.S. They sacrifice a livestock animal after Eid-Ul-Adha prayers making a conclusion of Hajj.

Many people living in the UK donate towards Ummah Charity Internationals Qurbaani Programme to support those in need.



What are the days for Qurbaani?

10th, 11th and 12th of Dhul Hijjah are the days for Qurbaani.



What does Qurbaani teach us?

Qurbaani teaches us devotion, obedience and it promotes the idea of helping other Muslim brothers and sisters who need our support.


Who needs to perform Qurbaani?

Qurbaani is obligatory on every sane Muslim, and generally applies to those who are eligible to pay Zakaat.


Which animals can be sacrificed?

The animals that can be sacrificed are goat, sheep, cattle (cow, ox, buffalo) or camel.


Does UCI follow the Islamic way of slaughter?

The Qurbaani process complies with the appropriate Islamic method under the supervision of Chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab.


Can a Qurbaani be made on behalf of another person?

Yes, certainly. Our beloved Prophet S.A.W made multiple Qurbaanis also on the behalf of the Ummah. You can also give Qurbaani on behalf of our beloved Prophet S.A.W. You can also give Qurbaani on behalf of the deceased Muslim. These will all be in addition to your own Qurbaani.


What initiative does Ummah Charity International take?

Ummah Charity International has taken the initiative to sacrifice cattle on behalf of our donors and distribute meat among poor to help them fight hunger. For the Qurbani project, Ummah Charity International purchases animals in advance of Eid day.


When is the best time to take donation for Qurbaani?

The earlier the donation is made the better it is as we start our purchasing before the Eid days.


Can I pay Qurbaani from my Zakaat or Sadaqah?

That is not permissible as Qurbaani itself is a separate obligation.


Who benefits from this Qurbaani Programme?

Above 5000 families benefit from the Qurbaani each year. We prioritized;

·        Elderly citizens

·        People with disability

·        Orphans

·        Widows

·        Refugees displaced from their homes 

How you can help


Cooked Meal.






Full Cow.

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