The aspiration and desideratum of the UCI street school are to aid and service the children of Baldia Town. UCI street school has newly been inaugurated to prohibit and forestall children from having the chance to receive an education, to better their future. The inauguration ceremony was moments of joy for the entire community as chairman Mufti Abdul Wahab especially made a visit for this event and enlightened the day for the neglected children who were facing extreme excitement for their new school. He spoke words of wisdom and motivated the children along with the teachers.


 UCI’s lifelong scope is to enhance the futures of all generations. Before the school had even opened, children were incapable of using their fine motor skills, for example, children were inadequate enough to pick up a pen. UCI had trained children to write, develop life skills that would make them have a better future. As a charity, we don’t only aim to provide education, we work as a cohesive community. These children who have enrolled through our sponsorship programme have blossomed and grown and learnt so much, in such a short amount of time. They say “knowledge is power” and that is what we aim to provide these children who didn’t have the financial resources to go to school.

 You can support us in our, ‘Educate a child programme’ and rotate the lives of those who dream big but have no resources.  

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