Step 1 - Purchasing the Animals:

Along with the team at UCI, Mufti Abdul Wahab left to purchase the cows on August 8th. The days prior to Eid, team UCI  went to select healthy animals for Qurbani. Thereafter, the animals were taken to the destitute communities where the Qurbani was to take place. These areas included Mangopir, Khuda ki Basti, Surjani Town, Burmi Colony and Ghazi Goth. Other areas such as Jamhoria Colony and Tooba Apartments DHA were also given their dedicated animals. 
Since the camels were larger compared to the other animals and the areas where they were to be delivered had no roads for the camels to be unloaded, UCI's team took the initiative to walk to the respective areas on foot with the animals, making sure that even the most underprivileged communities would be able to experience the joy of Eid and fulfil the Sunnah of Qurbani. It had also rained a lot whilst UCI were distributing the lambs, however, they overcame this difficulty through their determination and drive. 

Furthermore, UCI kept the best interests of each family in mind when delivering the animals, making sure that only healthy and well-fed cows, camels and lambs were distributed. Furthermore, our team at UCI personally visited each beneficiary's house in order to ensure that the animals were delivered safely and on time. 

Step 2 - Conducting the Qurbani 

On the second day of Eid (on the 13th of August), Mufti Abdul Wahab and the team at UCI set out during the early hours of the morning to conduct the Qurbani in each of the areas that had been pre-selected. The entire day was spent conducting the Qurbani ritual and visiting the beneficiaries' homes. On the third day of Eid, the camels were slaughtered in another location and the meat was distributed to the families of various areas who were also grateful to UCI and the donors for bringing them the happiness of Eid that they had craved. 

Step 3 - The Cooked Meal:

The third day of Eid saw the entire UCI team and all their guests holding a cooked meal feast for the residents of Kala Pul and Jamhoria Colony, most of whom were struggling with poverty and starvation. The food was cooked under health regulations and was both nutritious and tasty. 

Thousands of people benefitted from our Qurbani Project and it was all due to the effort of Mufti Abdul Wahab, UCI's dedicated team and the donors who allowed for this project to become so successful. 



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