The Chairman of UCI, Mufti Abdul Wahab, and his team visited Mokhi Goth Meymar to distribute food packs to some of the most vulnerable individuals inhabiting in this area. A huge total of 200 food packs were given to the residents, the majority of whom were elderly men in dreadful need of sustenance and nutrition. The men had also come on behalf of their wives, sisters, and daughters, who were not able to leave their homes due to societal stricture. However, in some cases, children were also present at the distribution, most likely there to represent their families who were not able to come. This proves that many of the children are left to manage by themselves and are in desperate need of help. After having engaged in conversation with some of the beneficiaries, Mufti Abdul Wahab and his team discovered that one food pack could aid a family for up to an entire month.  
Additionally, 125 food packs were also given to the families of Burmi colony and in contrast to Mokhi Goth, the women were the ones who came to collect the food, due to the fact that most of the women were widows, single mothers, or the male members of their families could not be present. The few males that were in attendance were all over 60 years of age.
When an interview was conducted with these individuals in Burmi Colony, it was found out that many of them could not speak proper Urdu, since they were migrants from Burma and have continued to live their lives below the poverty line where education was not an option.
The one thing that all of the individuals, whether male or female, young or old had in common was the fact that each and every one of them knew what true hunger was. Each and every one of them needed aid and kindness. They were all starved and hadn’t had a proper meal for a long time. They were the forgotten parts of society, but Mufti Abdul Wahab and his team wanted to change that. They wanted people to remember this forgotten sector and the food pack distribution was the first step in doing so.
Finally, the food pack distribution was scheduled at the most needed time of the year, when Ramadan is right around the corner and many people do not have the means to provide a sahoor or iftar meal for themselves, let alone their families. Many families who received a food pack are now prepared for Ramadan, knowing that for the next days, they do not have to worry about whether they would have a meal for tomorrow. 

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Sadaqah Jaariya is a beautiful, sustainable and ongoing form of charity. It is the only kind of worship from which we receive rewards even after passing away. Although Sadaqah is not just about giving money, it is about building up destitute communities, raising hope, standards and happiness. It is about giving people the confidence to work for their future. We do not just want them to squalor on the streets; we want to give them hope to stand on their own two feet and make their own living. This Ramadhan, you can donate Sadaqah online to give someone a better future. All around the world, civilians are facing hardship because of war and poverty. Families do not have enough food; some people have been injured in life-threatening incidents, others are on the brink of starvation, and even children have gone through excessive trauma such as losing their parents, loved ones, or homes. But with your Sadaqah donation, Ummah Charity International can bring these people out of their hopelessness and together we can take these disaster zones and combat the issues that these civilians are facing. You can amplify your rewards this Ramadhan and create an Islamic legacy for the future. When it comes to giving to charity, there is no limit to the changes you can make, the lives you can transform and the smiles you can spread. Donate today and bring a smile upon someone’s face. Your Sadaqah can be given to a variety of Ummah Charity International’s projects and you can donate sadaqah online to help make a difference. Your donation can go towards giving a child an education, giving a family a home or contributing towards a masjid. You can empower women by giving them a sewing machine or give destitute communities clean water or food. There is so much you can contribute towards by giving sadqaqah – so many lives you will touch and transform with this simple, yet powerful, action. Ummah Charity International works hard to make sure your donation goes towards making someone’s future a brighter and better place. Donate sadaqah online and spread happiness and joy this Ramadhan. You can donate towards any of our projects – the possibilities are endless but only you can choose what your donation goes towards. It is our investment for the future, so let’s work together to make our akhirah.

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