October 8th, 2005 earthquake in Pakistan brought items to the affected areas. This was followed by several misery and chaos on an unprecedented level. At the same time we observed the spirit of volunteerism and overwhelming humanitarian response throughout the country. This unfortunate incident also motivated Mufti Abdul Wahab to reach out to the affected people. He approached his brother and a friend to pool in some money as their contribution for relief work. With a truckload of supplies, Mufti Wahab along with his friends rushed to the air force base in Karachi, where an especially assigned aircraft was waiting to carry relief trucks with relief supplies that were sent during that time. Though it was a small initiative but it made a huge impact on the lives of thousands of victims.
2008 floods in Pakistan once again brought Mufti Wahab into action. He personally made appeals to several charities and assisted them in collecting funds for flood affect- ed people; he also helped a woman who had lost an eye during the floods, by making appeals to a charity to support her. This series of jarring experiences of witnessing human miseries so closely, along with his life-long mission to work for masses motivated him to setup UCI. The journey Mufti Wahab started in 2005 subsequently UCI came in to being in 2012. From this point onwards UCI started responding to humanitarian disasters all over Pakistan. We are one of the countries that are severely affected by climate changes. Being an under developed country it is not always so easy to effectively manage resources. Different areas of Pakistan are faced with scarcity of common food items & medicines during flood. UCI has been playing an effective role in helping those who are in dire need. UCI has undertaken different projects over the years; some are meant to provide immediate relief while the others meant to uplift the economic status of families. In either case, our efforts have been amplified by donors who believed in us, and whose goals were to bring smiles on the faces of people who are in misery otherwise. We are duty-bound to share the blessings that have been bestowed upon us and with your support and assistance; we shall continue to do so. Whatever we have achieved so far is quite encouraging but it’s merely a drop in the ocean as we have a long way to go.

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