Fundraising can be accomplished by gathering donations from individuals and business etc. by creating an activity for everyone to contribute towards. You can get involved with Ummah Charity International and help the less fortunate in an enjoyable way and we will wholeheartedly support you. You may have fundraising ideas of your own or you can have a look at some of the ideas we have shared on our website.

Spare Change Bucket

This idea requires minimal effort and will raise money throughout the year. You can keep these buckets in your house, give them to your neighbours or place them in a local halal meat or grocery store. Collect all these donation boxes regularly and help us by fundraising for a noble cause.  

For our sealable and branded Ummah Charity donation boxes, contact us by:

Telephone: 4402035568874 

Email: info@ummahcharityinternational.com

Bake Sale


A true classic way to raise money for charity. You can make homemade baked goodies or drinks such as; milkshakes, smoothies or classic desserts (trifle, cake and custard etc.). Also, you can add a theme to your fundraiser such as a blue theme for clean and safe drinking water or you can pick another theme appropriate for the cause you have chosen.


Doughnut Day


Krispy Kreme sell doughnuts at a discounted price if they are going to be resold at a charity event. Get your hands on some and sell them in your neighbourhood at the recommended retail price and you can donate the difference to charity.


Packed Lunch Day


Encourage everyone in your neighbourhood or friends and family to make their lunch at home and take their packed lunch to work. Ask them to donate what they would have paid at the office cafe or local shop to charity instead.



Car Wash


You can involve people in with you for this fun activity in the summer. All you need for this is water, a bucket, a sponge and some car shampoo. You can do this in your neighbourhood or ask a local business to lend you their space.


Car Boot Sale


Collect all unwanted items from your house, your neighbourhood or family and friends. Find a good location and encourage people to join you in your car boot sale.


Football/Cricket Match or Tournament


You can raise money by arranging a charity football or cricket tournament. Otherwise get your local community involved and arrange a sports day with simple races like the sack race, egg and spoon race etc. Make it into a family fun event for everyone to participate in and charge an entrance fee or collect donations individually.


Walk/Cycle to Work

Save money by walking or cycling to work and donate the money you would have spent on public transport or petrol for charity. This idea will allow you to put your money towards a better cause, stay fit and is also good for the environment.

 Online Fundraising

If you don’t have time to arrange an event you can join hands with Ummah Charity International by creating an online fundraising page, for instance on JustGiving, and you can start raising money immediately. You can use social media and WhatsApp to get others involved and get your friends and family to support you.


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