This policy is for Ummah Charity International's volunteers who have accepted an agreed role with the charity.

Volunteers support our charity by giving their time to carry out roles which have been initiated by or agreed with the charity.


In most cases you will need to be over 16 years of age to volunteer independently and under 18s will be asked for parental/guardian consent. Younger people may get involved in some aspects of volunteering with us if they are accompanied by a responsible adult.


Welcome to the team! You’ll be volunteering in an organisation that is committed to creating and fostering a culture that promotes respect for each other and values individual differences.

We will not condone, tolerate or ignore any form of discrimination or unacceptable behaviour. The rights to any original works that you may produce in a course of a volunteering will belong to a charity, unless otherwise agreed. Some examples of original works is photography, artwork, graphic design and written work.

We may use photograph of volunteers carrying out their roles for promotional purposes e.g. leaflet of online.


All volunteers must respect and maintain confidentiality. No comments or stories be given directly to the media, unless your volunteer role specifically includes talking to the press or other local media generally, our media relations are handled by trained specialists.

If you would like further information or advice on any aspect of your volunteering with us you can contact Asma Rahman on 07456093875.

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